MTD Prodigy System monitoring for Retail


"The only system capable of effectively monitoring thousands of sites in minutes, not hours."

Major retailers are using more content on their private distribution networks to keep thousands of store location informed of campaigns, corporate communications and in-store advertising. Traditional network monitoring solutions using SNMP leave big parts of these satellite systems unmanaged. There is also the problem of reporting status of the receivers, storage and playback equipment in hundreds or thousands of remote facilities in a timely manner, meaningful to communications managers. With MTD Systems Prodigy, you can do all that. And a lot more.

MTD Prodigy has developed its solutions to report the health and status of equipment in thousands of retail locations within minutes, and can control and monitor the media transfer, as well as verifying its integrity once received, thus assuring trouble-free transmission on private satellite networks.

"MTD Monitoring tools have allowed my employees to identify hardware or software issues at a glance. The team is now proactive instead of reactive like most support groups. The Engineers at MTD have taken our needs and ideas and developed custom tools and reports that have saved us time and money."

- Dan Pryor VP Communications, Safeway President, CMMA