MTD Prodigy monitoring modules

MTD Prodigy

"Enterprise-wide system monitoring is streamlined. Troubleshooting is easier and more intuitive. Operating costs are lower. That's the power of MTD Prodigy."

MTD Prodigy is the core application that collects and consolidates all the possible information available from configured devices. Priced affordably to monitor just a few devices, it can scale to manage thousands of devices in multiple locations.

Information is polled from devices through a variety of methods that include SNMP, WMI and device event logs. Parallel processing assures rapid consolidation of all system information into easy to see Siteview™ displays, reports and email alerts.

Additional advanced modules can be added to expand the services provided by MTD Prodigy, including monitoring of proprietary and mission-critical devices, root cause analysis, media tracking throughout multiple facilities and NOC support.

The software is designed to be non intrusive, predictive in analysis of problems and useful for workflows of news editing, play out, automation, satellite and transmission.

The core system monitors PC, Linux and Mac platforms, printers, routers and firewalls.

MTD Prodigy Modules