MTD Prodigy network monitoring features

"SNMP only goes so far..with MTD Prodigy I get more information from every device in my workflow"


MTD Prodigy puts powerful tools in the hands of operators, management and executives, enabling everyone to monitor every mission critical system at a glance...and to see exactly how everything is functioning in near-real time.

  • Monitor IT networks computers and components
  • Manage and control mission-critical systems for broadcast, digital cinema, government and retail operations.
  • Monitor a single facility or thousands of locations
  • Multiple data sources: SNMP, WMI, system logs, file system data
  • Multi-level device display, from basic status to comprehensive detail
  • Pinpoint failures with predictive failure algorithms and root-cause analysis
  • Tracks media and software across the enterprise
  • Works with other monitoring systems
  • No embedded "agents" means no compatibility or performance issues
  • Monitors PC, Mac, UNIX, Linux and other platforms
  • Built-in standard and custom reports; data export for additional reporting

No matter the specialized systems your operation includes, MTD Prodigy brings all these separate islands together into one unified view.