MTD Prodigy network monitoring FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to install and set up the MTD Prodigy in my facility?

No it is not. If you know your device's host names, IP addresses and device types, you can be monitoring your facility in less than one hour.

How are the devices represented in the MTD Prodigy software?

As icons, green for ok, yellow for caution and red for alert. A drawing application is included in the software to design display layouts, including floorplans and workflows.

How accurate is the monitoring?

Having access to multiple data sources, including SNMP, WMI and logs, we are confident that our monitoring is more comprehensive than any other system on the market.

How is MTD Prodigy different than other monitoring systems?

We aggregate multiple data sources for nearly all devices in your facility or global system and unify displays, alerts, analysis and reports. It also provides superior monitoring of both media and software.

Is the software easy to interpret?

Yes, the interface is a series of simple icons, which are designed to represent single or multiple devices. It is graphically designed to be easily seen from a phone browser, while fully revealing all device details within 3 clicks.

Can you put an entire facility unto one icon?

Yes, this can be used to put multiple facilities into a map so that you can watch your whole network.

What is this feature touted as "Root Cause"?

When a problem happens, it can affect other devices and systems, generating multiple alerts. Root Cause minimizes this, finding the source of the problem and saves countless hours of troubleshooting.

What is Content Tracking?

In large media-based systems the location of material content is vital for workflow preservation. MTD Prodigy will show you where the content is located at any moment in time.

What does MTD Prodigy consist of?

MTD Prodigy is made up of two parts. One is a "Collection Application" that grabs data from all the devices to be monitored, without impacting device performance. The second "Server Application" aggregates all the data and provides web browser displays to make sense of the data. Also it analyzes, alerts and generates reports.

Where is MTD Prodigy located?

The collection components are located near the equipment to be monitored at your facility. The aggregation server can be located behind your firewall or on an external server so that multiple access is available. In many cases, a combination of internal and external servers can be setup for redundancy.

What is the benefit of an external server?

Since we archive logs for monitored devices, you can choose to have manufacturers access these logs easily on the external server.

Is an external server secure?

Is an external server secure?

How does MTD Prodigy tell me there is a problem?

We use email, text messages, phone and other messaging systems to keep the right people informed of important information. Additionally, the system is accessible from any web browser, with easy-to-see icons representing conditions of devices, facilities or entire networks.

How many devices can MTD Prodigy monitor in real time?

MTD Prodigy is presently monitoring thousands of devices in multiple facilities, all with mission-critical speed and accuracy.

How do I try out MTD Prodigy to see if I like it?

Go to the download page and we'll greet you into the MTD Prodigy family. You can install a free, fully-functional monitoring system for 30 days without obligation.
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