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"Multiple data sources, deeper analytics, broader connectivity..."

Feature-for-feature, MTD Prodigy provides greater value than any other monitor and control system on the market today. Take a look at how we stack-up against typical monitoring systems:

Monitored Data Sources Other Monitoring Solutions MTD Prodigy
Windows OS system monitoringYESYES
MAC OS X system monitoringYESYES
File system monitoringLimitedYES
RS232/422 Monitoring/ControlLimitedYES
WMI Extended MonitoringLimitedYES
System Log capture, analysis, archivingNOYES
UNIX/Linux/BSD system monitoringNOYES
SSH Monitoring/ControlNOYES
Telnet Monitoring/ControlNOYES
INI file change detectionNOYES
Application parameters monitoringNOYES
Monitor service/deamon parametersNOYES
Windows direct registry monitoringNOYES
GPI Monitoring/ControlNOYES
Device data aggregation from all sourcesNOYES
System ArchitectureOther Monitoring SolutionsMTD Prodigy
Agent-less data gatheringLimitedYES
Mirrored redundancy optionLimitedYES
Advanced Alert configurationLimitedYES
Internet access to all monitored dataLimitedYES
Configuration via subnet-scanLimitedYES
Configuration via host table importLimitedYES
Compatibility with other monitoring systemsLimitedYES
Time-coherent messagingLimitedYES
Enterprise-wide monitoringNOYES
Massively scalable system scanningNOYES
Service-Oriented ArchitectureNOYES
User-configured system displaysNOYES
Monitor isolated networksNOYES
Air-gap network security supportNOYES
System ToolsOther Monitoring SolutionsMTD Prodigy
Alert by Email, smart phone, text message YESYES
Drill-in displays for device detailsLimitedYES
Root-Cause AnalysisNOYES
Trending analysis with multiple reportsNOYES
Capable of NOC operationNOYES
Media Content managementNOYES
Alert message translationNOYES
Proprietary Systems interfacesOther Monitoring SolutionsMTD Prodigy
Transmitter Monitor/ControlLimitedYES
Video Application MonitoringNOYES
Digital Cinema Systems ExtensionsNOYES
Satellite systems monitoringNOYES
Newsroom Systems monitoringNOYES
Asset Management Systems monitoringNOYES