MTD monitoring broadcast monitoring

"These guys understand the 24/7/365 demands of Broadcasting."

Broadcast Applications

Every broadcaster has a million things to worry about to make sure the right content gets on the air at the right time. You live with the reality that at any time a piece of gear will slow down, stop working properly or completely fail. So before the inevitable happens, you need to know exactly where the problem is, what the problem is and how you can fix it. Right now. With MTD Systems Prodigy, you can do all that. And a lot more.

Proprietary Systems Monitoring

When monitoring mission-critical systems for broadcast, cable and satellite operations, SNMP typically provides less than 15% of the data needed to effectively report the health and status and prevent costly down-time. MTD Prodigy goes beyond simple SNMP monitoring to include multiple data sources including WMI data, system logs, application logs and event logs.

MTD Prodigy interfaces to most popular broadcast systems, including:

  • Ingest/playout servers from GVG, Omneon and Avid
  • Newsroom systems including iNews, ENPS and GVG
  • Editing solutions that include Avid and Final Cut Pro
  • Automation systems from Omnibus, Florical and Harris
  • Asset Management systems from Front Porch, Isilon and Masstech
  • Transmitter monitoring, including Harris, Burk and Statmon
  • Satellite uplink systems and receivers
  • Peripheral frames, switchers, routers

MTD Prodigy monitors legacy products through a variety of methods, including Telnet, SSH, HTML, RS232, RS422, RS485, and GPI. Supported protocols include VDCP, MOS, Sony VTR and ISR.

Content Monitoring

MTD Prodigy tracks of all media within the enterprise, and can report corrupted transfers, duplicate content and missing content throughout the media workflow. You can be informed of virtually any content error well before it becomes a problem.

Making sense of it

Using exclusive SiteView™ technology, MTD Prodigy provides the tools to effectively display the status of any number of facilities, subsystems and devices in a variety of views, easily accessible through an internet browser from anywhere…even mobile devices! Additional information is always available by simply selecting the icon, thus "drilling-down"; for more detail, analysis and statistics.

Alerts and Reports

MTD Prodigy's Advanced Alert Engine intelligently informs management, engineering and operations of events at the appropriate level, providing an escalation path as event status changes. Comprehensive reports are available on a vast number of topics, promoting greater understanding of overall system status.