MTD monitoring benefits


"MTD Prodigy provides benefits beyond any other monitoring solution."

  • Delivers easier, more comprehensive enterprise-wide system monitoring
  • Faster access to individual device data saves time during troubleshooting
  • Contributes to lower operating costs by minimizing down-time
  • Device log capture and workflow path analysis can determine critical component failures in complex, cascaded systems
  • Alerts and error reporting are intelligently filtered, avoiding unnecessary messaging
  • Verifies media across multiple servers, preventing lost or damaged content
  • Maintains software inventory and versions for all monitored systems
  • Accurate reports effectively show trends that benefit operational decision-making
  • Eliminates device operation interference and additional system loading
  • Universal compatibility provides greater connectivity

Enterprise-wide system monitoring is streamlined. Troubleshooting is easier and more intuitive. Operating costs are lower. Down-time is minimized. That's the power of MTD Prodigy.